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About Us With over 60 combined years of experience, Xhifi is in the unique position of knowing at first-hand those audio and video technologies, components, and accessories desired by the computer, gaming, and home theater industries and its customers.

Company Bios
Mel Schilling - Chairman and Co-Founder, Xhifi
Howard Schilling - CEO and Co-Founder, Xhifi
Doug Goldberg - CTO and Co-Founder, Xhifi

Xhifi, and its sister company, Camelot Technology, have always been family-owned and operated. As designers, manufacturers, distributors, and dealers, Xhifi's team, headed by Mel Schilling, co-founder and Chairman, along with his son, Howard, co-founder and CEO, is re-defining the role of high technology and design in everyday consumer electronics applications.


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