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Hey! Thought we were dead, huh? Well, we're very much here...just very busy (that's supposed to be good, isn't it?).

We had a great time at Macworld last month, have continued developing our next products, and have just sat in wonderment over the slew of press coverage and customer accolades coming our way. While we certainly believe in what we're doing, the proof is always in the results and the reactions...and we couldn't be happier. Thanks to all for the kind words!

Macworld 2003

What a great show! While it was definitely a different crowd than we're used to seeing at the audio and home theater shows, it was no less a vibrant and interesting group, that's for sure. In fact, we found the Mac community as indicative of the state of the consumer electronics industry, as any other we've encountered. The computer is definitely where it's at...

Once again, we displayed the Xducer 2.1 in three popular vignettes. For games, we used the wonderful Sony Playstation 2 (uh, for the first two days that is...as when we showed up on Friday, it was gone), with such popular titles as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Mortal Kombat - Deadly Alliance. For computing, we used the beautiful 17" Widescreen iMac, and last but not least, no show would be complete without another rendition of our jawdropping iPod demo, wherein the Xducer 2.1 produces staggeringly big, detailed sound driven solely by the diminutive 15GB wonder.

We were visited by a ton of press at Macworld, and got great reports. Take a look:

Mac News Network

Mac Observer


Watch a great interview from the show floor

A couple of international perspectives:

More press coverage



So What Are We Working On?


We will shortly be introducing a line of Speaker Cables and Interconnects, specially designed for computer, gaming, and mp3 applications. The Model 1 Interconnect, Model 2 Silver Teflon Interconnect, and Model 1 Speaker Cable will be available in September, along with some adapters and stuff.

Xducer 5.1+

Why mess with a good thing? The XD1 Satellite Speaker, with its cool lines and techie techie driver, is just so bloody good that we decided for our multi-channel Xducer offering, we should simply adapt it for use as a center, rear, or effects channel.

So first, we will release in October a custom floor stand for the XD1. Next, for wall mounting or horizontal placement as a center channel, we have created something really beautiful (you do recognize beauty, don't you?)...the new XDC Satellite! Essentially an XD1 minus the saucer bottom, it instead employs a custom integrated bracket perfect for either horizontal or vertical wall mounting, or horizontal desk/tabletop placement...very cool! Projected delivery time is December...and look for the debut of the XDC next month at the CEDIA show in Indianapolis.

Instead of offering a prefab multi-channel set, we will offer a la carte our two Satellite Speakers, the XD1 and XDC, along with the XDSW1 Subwoofer, enabling you to mix and match depending on your setup. When you buy five or more at once, we will give you a 5% discount. That way, everybody gets their ideal rig, and still reap some extra juice for buying Xhifi all around.


And of course, you're gonna need something to drive those extra speakers...so we're also planning to introduce in December, a compact multi-channel amplifier that not only sounds great, but also fits vertically on virtually any desktop. Just a simple connection to your soundcard, and you're on the air in no time! You can also use the Xtension in a home theater application...it will connect to your preamp/processor just like any other multi-channel amp.

Why did we name it Xtension? More on that later...

More Apple, Apple, Apple

We just tickled to report that we have shipped a number of Xducer 2.1s directly to Apple, and we're happy to now be featured at Apple.com.

We're off to CEDIA 2003...keep your eyes open for a TON more press about Xhifi in the coming weeks.




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