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May 2003

Well, the day has finally arrived! After some parts delays and production speedbumps, the Xducer 2.1 will begin trickling out of our humble little abode on May 8th, exactly 37 days behind schedule. We apologize for the delay, and hope you will find it to have been worth it.

We couldn't be more pleased with the results. The Xducer 2.1 sounds absolutely superb, and looks, well, frankly stunning. People wandering through our facility almost inevitably do a double take when confronted by the 'Ducer...and walk away muttering something like 'That's one fine looking speaker!'. And all are just bamboozled by its affordable introductory price of $695...one recent visitor described the Xducer 2.1 as "one of the best values I've ever seen in audio, not only because of the price/performance/cosmetics thing, but also because of just the sheer freshness of the concept behind Xhifi."

In short, we're hearing a lot about how Xhifi is just what people are looking for. Yep...we know.

The Xducer 2.1 is designed for the tortured soul who lives a life full of music, movies, and TV and has just begun to realize that the playback setups he uses the most are the least sophisticated. That just doesn't make any sense. Why shouldn't the computer - laptop, desktop, whatever - at least sound good, considering how much time it occupies in our lives? Since your PC is quickly becoming the central music source in your life, why should you have to burn a CD and drag it to your main system to properly enjoy your tunes?

And if your thing is games, that speaker in your TV or your new Office Cattle Barn Plastic Brick Sound-o-Vision setup is a plain slap-in-the-face to those cyberflesh mutants giving their lives for you on-screen...you owe it to them to hear every bloody one of their last dying gasps and brainplosions with unmistakable clarity.

The Xducer 2.1 uses all the tricks that the snob audio stuff does...but molded into a package for YOU...what a concept!

Just take a gander at the subwoofer...polished rosewood (actually, it's called European Cherry...sweeeeet). Sleek tiptoes for great isolation and coupling, special driver technology for accurate, deep bass, and TWO custom amps...one for the sub, the other for those really wow looking main speakers...that use what? A revolutionary 1cm wide ribbon (!) tweeter? Heck yeah that's the same type of tweeter that's used in $100,000+ speakers! Uh...no, you won't find them in your favorite stereo/video/computer/music/office supplies "store" down the block. Sorry.

And the company that designed these speakers? Perhaps you've heard of JVC, the company that invented the VCR, and has driven consumer electronics technology development in Japan for the last half-century? We thank them for sharing this groundbreaking speaker technology with us, and congratulate them on just a spellbinding achievement!

Our custom Model 50 Digital Amplifier drives these puppies...and is such a lean, mean fighting machine that it's almost not fair. Our CTO, Doug Goldberg, has really outdone himself here...well just look at the size of that thing! 5 years ago, you'd need a shoebox to fit a design that produces as much power as the Model 50, which is roughly the size of a deck of cards. Nestled neatly inside of the sub, this circuit drives the mains with gobs of stone cold, efficient power...and yes, we will be using this circuit within new desktop amplifier and electronics products (maybe by early 2004).


We're keeping things simple for now, in that we just want to focus on getting all of the backorders for the Xducer filled and getting the product into the marketplace with full gusto.

Soon though we'll be bringing out a series of LinX™ cables and accessories specially made for our products, for properly connecting a source that has a 3.5mm mini-jack, like an mp3 player, soundcard, etc. Sure, you can buy generic stuff at your local parts shop (and we even include some with the system just to get you on the air), but the LinX™ products will offer premium design and construction normally only found in much more expensive products, so you can ensure you're hearing all of your tunes like you should. Shoot us an e-mail, give us a call, or just stay tuned to our website for more details about LinX™...

And late this year, we're looking to add to the 'Ducer lineup two additional models: an ultra-compact center channel along with floorstanding rear channels! But more on that later...

We're going to the show...

No, this isn't The Jim Morris Story, Part Deux". We're going to San Fran, baby! For the Home Entertainment Expo 2003! We'll have a room chock full of Xducers, driven by a variety of sources, including a 17" Widescreen iMac, iPod, xBox, and the world's best sounding DVD/CD player, the Camelot Technology "Round Table Mk.2" (ok, so we're not exactly impartial here...cut us some slack!).

It's certain to be a momentous event, so please try to come out and see us in Room 1222 (at the end of the main hallway, right next to HP...a veritable hotbed of multimedia bliss on the 12th Floor!).

Anything else?

Nope...but we do want to express how excited we are to start on our quest to establish a new level of design, engineering, and customer service to the next generation of home electronics consumers.


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