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June 2003

Sorry we're late with this...it's been a busy month!

By the Bay

Our exhibit at the Home Entertainment 2003 show was an absolute grand slam into McCovey Cove! The Xducer 2.1 just knocked them dead...three vignettes, three examples of how and why this product represents the needs and wants of you...today's specialty audio customer.

We demonstrated the Xducer with two products from Apple Computer: the gorgeous new 17" Widescreen iMac, and the brand new, oh-so-slick 15GB iPod. We also set up a Microsoft Xbox, and blew the doors off everyone within earshot...from the Hulk, to Return to Wolfenstein, to Splinter Cell and Halo, gaming never was so fun or so bloody entertaining! There was one kid who was blowing up Halo for an hour! And we were just mesmerized...gaming really is fun, especially when it sounds good (made us reminisce about the old days of Centipede and Asteroids...).

The Xducer sounded absolutely awesome with the smooth and quiet iMac...producing just fantastic results with DVDs, mp3s, CDs, and the like. And just as impressively, the Xducer also looked the part to a T, beautifully occupying just a smidgen of desktop space...what an elegant yet scarily powerful setup...reminded us of a Porsche...understated, gorgeous brutality!

And the iPod demo was so amazing that people were literally doing double takes while hearing it, and calling us liars to boot! They're looking under the table, behind the drapes, in the plants...everywhere for the extra speakers, electronics, and processors that they were CONVINCED we were employing to get the big, clear, detailed, indelibly high-end sound that wafted into the hallways.

How did we do it? Well, of course...we did set up an incredibly complicated, tricked out, souped up, snake oiled rig intended to totally dupe our visitors, all lured in by heaping bowlfuls of candy and other lip smacking snacks...NOT!

How's this?

iPod -> iPod Remote Control with Headphone Output -> $5 Headphone-RCA Adapter -> Pair of interconnects -> Xducer 2.1

That's all folks! (Well, we did have candy...)

Sounds a lot like the setup most owners employ...you got it, chief. We designed the Xducer to sing in the most simple setup, with virtually any source with a line-level output. Plug and play, baby!

The Xducer even made it on TV! Michael Fremer featured it in his show preview for KRON Channel 4...thanks again, Michael! We'll have the whole spot posted on the site pretty soon...

And now for the...

Top Ten List of Comments Overheard in the Xhifi Room

10. Are all three subwoofers playing?
9. Can I use your bathroom?
8. Are you going to have a center and rears?
7. That really is impressive...
6. Wow!
5. Is that the only thing playing?
4. $695...including the subwoofer?
3. Is that real wood?
2. What kind of driver is that?
And the #1 comment overheard in the Xhifi Room...
1. Where can I buy them?

So, at the end of the day, we played a bunch of great tunes, ate a lot of delicious food, watched some terrific movies and concerts, killed a bunch of Nazis, and had the hallways talkin' talkin' talkin' about Xhifi! By the time Sunday night rolled around, all of our show demo systems were sold, and we were coming back to Philly with a boatload of buzz...

Thanks so much to all our guests for stopping by, and to the show hosts for a wonderful event. See you next year in New York!

Product Update

Xducer 2.1s are shipping smoothly, and the reports are fantastic. Remember to use the feet if you want some tilting on the desktop...easy to install with just a Phillips.

We'll have some new product news very soon...more on that next month.

Macworld Expo 2003

The Xducer 2.1 was such a rousing success with the Apple products in San Francisco, that we've decided to exhibit at the hugely popular upcoming Macworld CreativePro Conference & Expo™ , New York's most important and largest event for Design, Publishing, Video & Audio Professionals and Prosumers - everyone who wants to immerse themselves in creative arts. The show runs from July 14-18, with the Expo running July 16-18.

We invite you to come visit us in Booth #448!

Be back 'atcha in July!


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