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"Is it worth the price? ...the answer is a resounding yes! The XDC-1 utilizes technology typically found only in more expensive audio products. ...effortless, smooth, balanced. ...the soundstage is amazing. ...the finest desktop sound we’ve heard yet!"
Dawn and Ron Luks, Netscape, April 2005
"...the very best audio accessory available. The XDC-1 is the 30-inch Cinema Display of the speaker world. They’re that good!"
George Swords, January 2005
Marketing Manager/PowerMacPac, Portland, OR
"...a level of fidelity equal to what you will hear in most high-end mastering suites, remarkable imaging characteristics, with greater clarity than you ever thought possible."
Steve Stone, Vintage Guitar Magazine, March 2005
"If you can afford the best, the Xhifi XDC-1 might well be it."
Bill Lammers, Cleveland Plain Dealer, July 2004
"No review of the XDC-1 would be complete without some mention of their looks. In a word, these speakers are gorgeous….If you are a top-level executive, or just want to look like one, the XDC-1 will fit your image."
"Most desktop speakers are made of plastic and produce a tinny sound. The XDC-1 is made for the audiophile who is stuck in front of the computer at work and can't get home to his or her stereo system."
Philadelphia Business Journal
"But what was startling was the way the system presented the emotional validity of the music, whether it was the wistful reverie of Dilermando Reis' Se ela Pergunta or the headlong rush of Antonio Lauro's Seis por Derecho. This was the stuff of real music, not necessarily what you'd expect from a set of computer speakers.

I liked Xhifi's XDC-1 loudspeaker system. I liked the way it looks. I liked it on a technical level (I love this cutting-edge stuff!). And I liked listening to it very much. I expect you might, too."
Wes Philips, On Hi Fi
"We're not sure how many people have heard of Xhifi,Inc. but they are a company that has built the best sounding and most powerful desktop speaker system for your computer (or other device) ever built. There's a very urbane design to their speakers and the quality is downright unparalleled."
NextGen Electronics
"Thanks to multi-media PC's, people now listen to far more music while staring at a monitor than while, say, eating dinner. The result? High-end computer audio equipment such as the Xhifi's XDC-1 (www.xhifi.com), a $995 speaker system that plugs into your 'puter. The subwoofer and its amplifiers will more than fill your office with thump, and the two 360 degree satellites offer stunning high-resolution sound."
Playboy Magazine
"Bringing power and aural accuracy, loudspeakers are the linchpin of any traditional home theater system, sharing space (and budget considerations)with A/V receivers and DVD players. Now, thanks to Xihifi, loudspeakers are playing nice with your other sound system: your Mac. The XDC-1 system is two satellites and one subwoofer, both encased in European Cherry hardwood (they're hands-down the most handsome multimedia speaker system around)."

"We were grinning like idiots as it went from hip-hop to indie rock, oldies to classical without missing a (literal) beat. The XDC-1 handles live tracks especially well: we felt like we were in a supper club when Nina Simone's "Mississippi Goddam (Live Version)" came on (believe that our neighbors raised an eyebrow at our resulting standing ovation). If the XDC-1 system fits your budget, find a way to fit it on your desktop-- your ears will thank you."
"At it’s price, the XDC-1 from Xhifi is a true find. It allows you to bring your enthusiasm for high-performance AV to your work environment, home office, kid’s room and beyond for $995. Most notable is the fact that the XDC-1 actually sounds good. I can say all but one desktop system I have ever heard has left me unimpressed. Beyond the smooth yet punchy sound are the striking looks and slim footprints that allow you to stick the XDC-1 satellites in places that other small speakers cannot go."
"For those who demand more from their iPods and PC music collections, XhiFi of Pennsylvania sells a $995 sound system. Audio files for audiophiles, you might say."
Newark Star-Ledger
"For the computer with a swagger (that means you Mr. Flatscreen with 3.2 GHz Pentium 4 with HT Technology Extreme edition), the $995 Xhifi XDC-1 desktop speaker system is the perfect armpiece. The system, with its lanky speakers and companion sub, is finished in the soft curves of European hardwood cherry veneer."
Hartford Courant
"Hooked up to an Apple IPod in one of the table-top display, the XDC-1 rocked and wasn't at all betrayed by splashy highs, one-note boom-boom, hand-over drop-out or cupped-hands vocal colorations. The resultant cloud of sound hovered like a torrid mirage over these combatants whose detail work, fit'n'finish and audiophile accoutrements (real gold-plated 5-way binding posts, tip-toe woofer footers) whispered CEO board room rather than Circuit City one-day-only special. I want this micro rig - badly."
"Made for smaller rooms and desktop environments, speakers like these are based on true sound reproduction, not loudness. They are created so you can hear every detail the way it is supposed to be heard. There are very few truly high-end desktop solutions, but Xhifi, saw a void and stepped in to fill it. These speakers are definitely not cheap and the price tag certainly reflects the technology involved. The XDC-1 will cost $995- so elegance has a price, but like most things in life you get what you pay for. Some of you may ask: who would pay that for a pair of desktop speakers? Others like myself understand that music and sound in its purest form can turn a ho-hum experience into a spectacular finale."
"What am I saying? I smiled from ear to ear. The XDC-1 is simply terrific, like baby Apogees, with exceptional dispersion, sweet extended highs, and 3D imaging. This is the best looking, best sounding, budget mini-system around."
Ken Kessler, Hi Fi News


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