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Faithful reproduction of high dynamic range digital audio signals requires amplifiers capable of producing high power levels without distortion.

Digital amplifiers represent the future because of their superlative efficiency. Traditional amplifier output devices have a hard time producing the entire wide range between music's softest and loudest sounds; they work best when they can produce all of their power or stop completely. Therefore most of the time, a good portion of their output (sometimes up to 75%) can't grab onto a signal, wasting it into useless heat. Most of the massive size of even today's best amplifier products can be attributed to merely fancy metal heat sinks designed to absorb this wasted energy.

Digital amplifiers, on the other hand, cleverly change the rules by digitally controlling their output to mimic the musical signal. So instead of trying to exactly replicate music's delicate, yet speedy and dynamic range through inaccurate output devices, digital amps analyze the incoming signal in real time and create mathematical codes (using a technology called PWM, or Pulse Width Modulation) for each note. Special filtering then sends the requisite amount of energy to the speaker based on those codes. That way the amplifier performs at a much higher efficiency by always producing the right amount of energy, and wasting little or nothing. Most good digital amps operate at around 75% efficiency, and our current offering extends even beyond that, up to 93%.

A big key, obviously, to producing a quality digital amplifier lies in its ability to analyze and adjust to music in real time. Today, while technologies abound containing this potential, to apply them requires specific engineering expertise. As a cornerstone of the Company's core technologies, we consistently analyze and evaluate the latest digital amplification designs and develop families of scaleable digital amplifier products capable of providing a range of power levels, from 5 to 500 watts. Xhifi intends to use these amplifiers in numerous applications, allowing for the creation of product categories previously unattainable in the consumer electronics industry.

A 93% efficient design, the D/AMP50 provides two 50W channels of audiophile quality amplification within a design smaller than a deck of cards. Xhifi optimized the D/AMP50 to provide maximum power and minimal distortion within a form factor ideal for today's diversified environments such as desktops, gaming settings, and small home theaters. The DAMP50 offers bridging capability to provide up to 120 watts of amplification into a single channel. In addition to its current role inside of the XDC-1 Desktop Loudspeaker System, the Company also plans to utilize the D/AMP50 within its Multi-channel Amplifiers, Powered Subwoofers, and Digital Audio Processors.

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