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Conventional cone and dome type speakers, as well as electrostatic and planar ribbon drivers, suffer from limited bandwidth and directivity. In addition to affecting the sound quality of current formats like CD and DVD, the use of these designs has an even greater effect on the sound quality of the emerging advanced audio formats such as Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD) and DVD-Audio (DVD-A). The limited dispersion of these designs makes the placement of these speakers critical to reproducing correct spatial characteristics. In order to address these issues, through its close relationship with JVC Audio Video Labs in Japan, Xhifi secured a unique, technologically advanced loudspeaker design that exhibits both extraordinary frequency response and spatial reproduction, all in a compact, elegant package. We call this design "Radial Ribbon™."

Radial Ribbon™ technology features a compact, high bandwidth, high dispersion loudspeaker element. Formed from an extremely thin polymer film, the Radial Ribbon™ transducer radiates evenly across the driver's entire surface, resulting in a radiating element producing very high bandwidth to 50 KHz along with an almost ideal radiation pattern: nearly spherical in the horizontal plane and well controlled in the vertical plane. Scaleable in size to fit many applications, Radial Ribbon™ technology enables the development of a series of loudspeakers offering compact size, wide bandwidth, and superb flexibility in placement.

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