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The breakthrough XD1 Satellite speaker, incorporating Radial Ribbon technology, utilizes cabinet and driver design that changes the expectations as to how small speakers should both sound and look. The XD1 delivers sound full of incredible depth and detail, in an ultra-compact, elegant package that is ideal for desktops and other small settings. Until now, the desktop speaker market has lacked a product offering such a compelling blend of wide application, technology, and features.

Finished in a stunning European cherry hardwood specially chosen for its acoustic properties, the XD1's sleek cylindrical cabinet minimizes diffraction. Diffraction occurs when the sound reflects from the speaker enclosure and interferes with the direct radiation pattern. This form of 'distortion' causes uncontrollable vibrations to emanate from the speaker cabinet, which can cause the listener to hear sounds other than the direct energy from the speaker. But the low diffraction caused by the unique cylindrical shape and small size of the enclosure allows the loudspeaker to operate more as a point source, providing for a more even, controlled distribution of vibration both in the horizontal and vertical axis, minimizing room boundary effects and allowing for a more natural sound field.

Inside, the XD1 employs a revolutionary, state-of-the-art 360 track-type dome driver consisting of a 1cm wide, ultra-low mass, high-molecular polyamide diaphragm with voice coils impregnated along both sides. An advanced, rare earth neodymium magnet structure, weighing 1/14th of conventional magnet designs, drives the voice coils and provides continuous drive current along the entire area of the diaphragm.

This unique drive system enables the XD1 to minimize driver-induced distortion and offer a transient response far surpassing that of conventional cone loudspeakers. Its 360 dispersion pattern provides virtually layout-free, listening position-free sound, with much smoother, more uniform response across the entire frequency spectrum than conventional box speakers (see Figure XD1).

The XD1's unique cabinet and drive technology also produces a frequency response out to over 50 kHz, twice that of typical loudspeakers. That allows for not only improved sound from everyday sources like mp3, CD, DVD, and video games, but also ideal compatibility with emerging higher resolution formats like DVD-Audio and SACD.

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