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Finished in a stunning European Cherry hardwood specially selected for its superior acoustical properties, the XSub-1 Subwoofer utilizes a special cylindrical enclosure to eliminate internal standing waves. Elaborate bracing and damping minimize resonance and boominess. Its beautiful tiptoe foot design improves isolation while its computer-designed port minimizes chuffing and compression while optimizing frequency response and maintaining excellent power handling. The custom-designed 6.6-inch high-excursion woofer utilizes an eight-layer edge wound voice coil for fast transient response and ultra linear output.

The XDC-1 contains two independent amplification stages, one custom designed for the XD1 Satellite speaker, the other for the XSub-1, all driven by special crossover circuitry.

After receiving the signal from the source (soundcard, gaming console, mp3 player, CD player, or other device with a headphone or RCA output), the XSub-1's custom internal crossover separates the lows and the highs at a specific frequency of 230 Hz, and sends each to their respective drivers.

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